Our real secret sauce is our talented team, bringing enthusiasm, skills, and passion to every venture. 

Our real secret sauce is our talented team, bringing enthusiasm, skills, and passion to every venture. 

Chrisblue Chrisgold

Chris Schiavino, Founder and CEO

Chris has an extensive background in building companies, raising capital and marketing that has lead him to found Sheer as the leading experts in the crowdfunding space. As CEO, Chris leads every engagement providing executive level experience, strategies, and actions bringing together the critical success factors needed to reach the next level of success for our clients.

Kyleblue Kylegold2

Kyle Plasha, Executive Vice President & Partner

With a background in marketing and sales, Kyle has raised millions of dollars utilizing a proven process he constructed over the span of four years. Kyle’s experience and marketing prowess provide a significant contribution to the Sheer clients who are seeking crowdfunding. Kyle is a top leader in the crowdfunding industry with his unique knowledge and experience in crowdfunding.

Jakiblue Jakigold

Jaki Gruber, Creative Director & Partner

Jaki leads the development of our client’s brand, messaging, and overall marketing strategies to complete a successful campaign. Jaki’s greatest asset is the ability to take our client’s entire marketing plan from concept to strategic implementation. With experience in graphic design, web development, and video production, Jaki dynamically transforms a story into effective marketing collateral across all channels.

Steveblue Stevegold

Steve Cass, Chief Sales & Marketing Strategist & Partner

Steve leads the Sheer deliverables for Media Strategy – Planning & Execution. His extensive 25 year experience and background position him well to bring the benefits of this critical communication channel to drive our client’s efforts to “Go to Market”.

Lewisblue Lewisgold

Lewis Checchia, Executive Account Manager

Lewis brings a high level of business development expertise that helps our clients understand the total landscape, resources needed, and time to success for building their venture. Having built major divisions for large corporations, Lewis is skilled at growing a company from idea to revenue producing by leading our client’s through Sheer’s proven process.

Paul back

Paul Lipschutz, Senior Consultant

Paul Lipschutz is an expert at sourcing products & parts, eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, and opening-up retail channels. He leads such efforts for Sheer Clients. His primary forte’ is the rapid development and growth of business revenues and getting the financing in place to make it happen. He is an expert at developing process to get into retail stores, leading sub teams, and yielding profit from these efforts. His experience across sectors not only gives him an understanding of myriad industry landscapes, but he’s also developed a network of connections and supporters that he leverages for the best possible outcomes.